Imagine That Graphics | About Us

What We Do

Imagine That Graphics is in the business of providing media design services on digital and print mediums to businesses local and abroad. Web design, search engine optimization, packaging design and printing are just a few of the services that Imagine That Graphics offer. Based in the Cleveland Area, Imagine That Graphics delivers professional designs that cater to your business needs. Whether its printing, web design or general design needs, Imagine That Graphics thrives on delivering business changing results.

Our Mission

Imagine That Graphics focuses on providing best in class creative web and print design solutions that deliver a competitive advantage for our clients. Imagine That Graphics positively affects the growth of our clients business while turning their passion into an incredible design. Imagine That Graphics also takes pride in understanding and respecting our clients needs throughout the design process, and thats why we’re different.

Our History

Imagine That Graphics began in the Cleveland area as a small business in 1994. We started off designing logos for local businesses in Cleveland and grew from there into what we are today. Along the way, we have worked with small and large businesses alike. In fact, the majority of customers that we serve have been customers for a very long time. Once our clients become customers, they stay that way. At Imagine That Graphics, we are extremely proud of who we are and the people that we get to work with on a daily basis. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our community for almost 20 years.

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